27 March 2008

Egg on face

Kiwi ingenuity is not dead. This amazing short video clip Creme That Egg! (below) is like every schoolboy’s Rube Goldberg fantasy. It is the entry of a 23-year-old New Zealander into a competition for a chocolate company. Entrants needed to find the most creative way to break a chocolate egg. The clip is gobsmacking, and it’s also gobsmacking that it didn’t win (I can’t vouch for the actual chocolate). I suppose the marketing people at the chocolate factory couldn’t work out a way to turn Creme That Egg! into an advertisement. Whatever: advertising’s loss should be New Zealand film’s gain. This fellow deserves a job, now.
1. In less than a month, YouTube hits went from 1000 to 150,000.
2. As at July 7, it has been viewed 425,000 times on YouTube. The clip has just been recommended by The New Yorker - and Joseph has made another one.

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