21 April 2008

Turkey trot


When 3 o’clock, the time fixed for the commencement of the capping ceremony, arrived there were indications that the function was going to be an extremely lively one. A large number of the public had assembled in the Town Hall and the stage was taken possession of by a band of students dressed up as Maoris.

To the accompaniment of ragtime on the piano they commenced to dance the “turkey trot” and perform hakas. After the babel had continued for some time the Town Clerk announced that the ceremony would take place in the Concert Chamber. Immediately there was an exodus on the part of the public, but the students still continued their dancing and singing in the large hall.

Sir Robert Stout had time to give his address in the Concert Chamber, the doors being closed, the aisles being then packed with standing people. In the galleries there were six young ladies only. When the Chancellor finished his address the gallery doors were opened and the students burst in.

He remonstrated with them for making a noise with their feet, and threatened to adjourn the meeting if they were not quiet. More hubbub ensued, and the meeting was adjourned.

Evening Post, 26 June 1913

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