15 September 2008

Godfather 4

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The heads of four families met on Sunday to discuss a crisis that affects them all. Besides the code of Omerta, there is the brotherhood: all for one, and one for all. When all of you are in trouble, that is.

Wall Street is imploding; with one powerful investment group company filing for bankruptcy, and another selling for a mere $US50 billion, half its value. It makes the Bada Bing look like a pizza parlour.

From their Sunday golf games, barbecues and children’s birthday parties, they came in their leather-upholstered limos.

Like the Feds on a stake-out, the New York Times was there to snap them as they assembled for the war summit. Clockwise from top left: Steve Black (JPMorgan), Peter Kraus (Merrill Lynch), Vikram Pandit (Citigroup) and Robert Wolf (UBS).

Fade to black.

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